A gentle song stirs me out of slumber at 5:50am.  Even though I don’t traditionally drink coffee, I have began to start my morning with a fresh cappuccino before heading down to our makeshift gym to get my body moving.  These days, it takes a little extra time in the morning to warm up the joints so they are ready to tackle the day. To start, I log in to RL Connection, a website created by my friend and former pro trials bike rider Ryan Leech [http://www.ryanleechconnection.com]. The site features an array of long to short yoga and guided mediation videos that I have began to incorporate in my daily routines. Moving to my mat, I press my hands and heels into the ground while taking note of how my body is feeling. I warm up with a short flow routine, followed by foam rolling and some final muscle activation exercises.

The first meal of the day consists of soft boiled eggs, fresh loafs of bread from a bakery down the street, an assortment of local meats, cheeses and jams, as well as some homemade muesli.

Twenty minutes later, we head outside to begin our hour-long commute to the top of the Saas Fee glacier, which sits at 11, 647ft. The journey consists of two gondolas and a ride on the highest funicular in the world, the Metro Alpin, which travels through the heart of the Mittelallalin. We arrive at the top just in time to witness the sun make its first appearance between peaks of neighbouring mountains.

The next four hours are filled with freeskiing, slow technical drills, GS training, park laps and runs in the ski cross course. Up on the glacier, each day offers a new challenge and I am eager and up for the task. I feel as if I am going through a relearning phase. I’m having to reintroduce myself to my own abilities, then allow myself to simply trust those abilities and natural instincts. On snow, I am working on building confidence from run to run. My teammates, coaches and fellow racers, including our Canadian “Next Gen” team, have all been all very supportive and helpful in giving me the opportunity to get out there and test my skiils. I am forever grateful for this.

The next few months are going to be all about building as we move closer to the first World Cup races of the season, scheduled for December 4th and 5th in Montafon, Austria. I am excited to see where I stack up against my competition and I am excited to continue the learning and building process throughout the rest of the season.

I will do my best to continually post short updates as we move from race to race. Thank you for your support and interest in my pursuits. Wishing you all the best from beautiful Switzerland.