Last week the team got a kickstart into our dry land season by hosting a camp here in Whistler. It was the first time we have been together since March and the reunions were happily welcomed.

Monday started out with an anthropometry test and a bike test to measure the lactate levels in our blood. For the anthropometry test a lovely lady pokes and prods your body, yanking and pulling your epidermis to measure skin folds and girth. Its interesting looking at the results when they come in because they show muscle mass, fat mass, fat to muscle ratio, and percentages of muscle growth.

Despite having difficulties getting out of bed the next few mornings from extremely stiff muscles, we continued our training regiment nonetheless. The week was filled with mountain biking, stand-up paddling, biking biathlons, pump tracking, field workouts, agility training, and weight lifting.

Dryland training will continue for the rest of the summer and into the fall and winter months until we start racing in December. Argentina is our next destination with departure scheduled for August 26.