The beautiful aspect about ski cross is its utter unpredictably. No one knows who is going to crash, who is going to get passed and who is going to end up victorious. This time, my luck ran out and I was the one who crashed.

My first qualification run in St. Johann, Austria stated off poorly. The first few turns of the course were a chattery ice field and I was fighting to stay on line. I got flagged part way down because the racer in front of my had knocked a panel off one of the gates. I had to stop and circle back around to get in another run. This next time, I was going to be ready. I showed back up at the top and slotted myself in behind racer 35. Course conditions were a little rougher than before but I was ready for it. I killed the top half of the course and was carrying a lot of heat onto the flats. Close to the bottom of the course, I hit a hip jump a little on my heels and got rocketed back. I blew out of the course and wasn’t able to finish my qualification run, therefore no racing for me.

Although I had no luck here in Austria, I’m super excited to see my teammates on the podium once again. Dave Duncan and Julia Murray carried on our team’s podium steak alive. Both finished in 3rd place!

It was a cool experience being able to watch the race in the finish from start to end, but I would have way rather been racing myself. The two races in Italy and the race in St. Johann adds to three races total. The streak should now be over. Hopefully I have some better luck in France.