If you haven’t seen it yet, I strongly recommend picking up the July 2013 issue of Sportsnet Magazine – The Beauty of Sport. The issue is filled with Canada’s top elite athletes, including Adam Van Koeverdan, PK Souban, Kailee Humphries and more. I was fortunate enough to be included in the issue along side these World Champions, Olympic gold medalists, and MVP’s to pose in front of the cameras to show Canada the type of physique required to be the best in the world.

On April 23rd 2013, I started on my very first trip to Las Vegas, Nevada to take part in my very first professional photo shoot. Throughout the entire flight South I was squirming in my seat with excitement. This being my first professional photo shoot, I had no idea what to expect and was a little nervous at the same time.

I absolutely LOVE the finished product Matt Barnes and his team created!  I feel the shots are beautiful, classy and show the pride we have in our sport and all the hours we put in at the gym to get our bodies fit for sport.

If you would like to check out more of the shots, please visit my photo gallery under “Media”