My grandfather, Cliff Serwa, cofounded Big White Ski Resort in the 1960’s and as a result my life has been greatly influenced by the skiing community.

Big White's on Board

Even at a y

oung age, my parents would pull me, my brother and my sister out of school early on a friday afternoon to get up to Big White before the mountain rush hour hit HWY 33. In the early years, my folks would drop me off at the Kid’s Centre for day care while they spent the day shredding the slopes. As I got older, I worked my way into the Big White Racers program and would spend every weekend ripping through gates and trees alike. The various terrain types, weaving glades, steep pitches, and rolling groomers made me into the skier I am today and has proved to be the perfect conditions to become a world class ski cross competitor.

Basically living at Big White in the winter months, and spending many summer days hiking the hills I have come to call Big White Ski Resort my mountain home. Thank you Big White Ski Resort for supporting the next leg in my journey to Sochi, 2014!!!