A summer of fundraising

One of the benefits of being a winter athlete is getting to enjoy summers at home. Of course there are countless hours of strength and condition training that goes on, especially this summer with the rehabilitation of my knee, but I also get to participate in a few of my favorite fundraisers each year. Attending these events gives me […]

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Back into the groove

Now that I am officially done school for the summer I finally have time to catch up on my website so I can keep all of you amazing individuals up to date with everything in my life.

The rest of my winter and early spring consisted of lots of physiotherapy at Pinnacle, swimming (or trying to) at the YMCA, yoga […]

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Remembering Nik Zoricic

I received a text from Mari at 4 am, Saturday morning on March 10th 2012. Her text simply said, “Something horrible has happened”.
At that time the rest of the team was in Grindelwald, Switzerland frantically rushing around in a panic and Niko was getting lifted to the hospital in Innsbruck, Switzerland. Things did not look good. Nik had fallen […]

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I got to thinking about my race plan before my crash in Alpe D’Huez, France. Before the race, I was getting to the point where I was thinking too much instead of letting things fall into place. I started putting expectations on myself depending on the racers who were in my heat. To achieve my highest potential, I need […]

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New Mattress for a new knee

I am so grateful to have the opportunity to use the new T3 Ironman Recovery Mattress generously supplied by Geoff at Sleepy’s Mattress and Furniture shop in Kelowna. I can honestly say that it is the best mattress I have ever slept on. If you’re in the market for a new mattress, I strongly advise checking out the T3 […]

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Back in the Gym

I just wanted to thank everyone who has been supporting my recovery over the past few weeks. You guys are all amazing and I really appreciate all the cards, messages, and well wishes!

I stared working out this week for the first time since my surgery at the end of January. The last few weeks have been tough…a lot tougher […]

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Watching X Games

We are on the Coquihalla driving from Kelowna to Vancouver for my surgery tomorrow. I’ve been streaming the X Games race as much as possible as we move in and out of service. These IPad’s are the coolest machines on Earth, thanks Stan! Now I know how my parents feel when they are watching me race…watching my teammates race […]

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Not old, but definitely bent and busted

I went from being the best in the world to broken like the many before me. It’s scary; I have never had an injury that has forced me to sit out for almost an entire season while my teammates continue to travel and race around the world.

Considering that this year is a write off for me, I’m fairly positive. […]

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Two Wins, Back to Back

December 15th 2011
We trained on the course this morning, qualifying is happening tomorrow. I have lots of mixed emotions – excitement, eagerness, nervousness, confidence, tentativeness, slight anxiety, lots of adrenaline. Its important to take what I want out of each of these emotions and channel it into something productive, something that I can actually work with. I feel it’s […]

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Sun Peaks Training Camp

I just got home from a five day camp that our girls team of four had at Sun Peaks Resort. We were skiing GS on the Austrian Ski Team’s training run which featured lots of terrain changes. Every day provided different skiing conditions as we saw ourselves going from hero snow one day, to powder the next, to water […]

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