So I lied when I said I would have photos from today (the ones posted are from last year). I was stressing all last night and this morning about the massive finish jump and at that point, brining a camera was not a high priority. Thankfully, now us girls have another jump to hit onto the last pitch. Although it is nothing compared to the boys booter, it’s still a decent size and sends us out a ways…maybe now I will remember to bring my camera!!

As some of you may have heard, Ashleigh has blown her ACL and is therefore out for the rest of the season. Send out your best healing powers her way so she can get back on the track fresh and strong for next season!

To say the least, today went a lot better. The initial “holy crap” reaction during yesterday’s inspection subsided to normal thoughts today. A few tweaks on the track overnight made a world of difference. Today I was trying to dial in my qualifying run so it’s good to go for tomorrow. I had more courage from top to bottom and was making good moves over the difficult features. Qualifying will run tomorrow from 12pm to 1:30pm, both men and women. Unfortunately due to the ski cross World Cup being held in Germany right now (what the hell?) our numbers are short and qualifying will be more for determining placements than eliminations.

Keep posted for tomorrows tantalizing tales from Aspen CO…