Over the years of competing at a World Cup/ international level, I have learned that an athlete cannot succeed on her own. She needs the support of a team: fellow athletes, coaches, technicians, physiotherapists, massage therapists, video analyzers etc; And she needs the support of a community: family, friends, former coaches, teachers, news reporters, businesses etc. Since the Olympic team was named on January 25th, I have felt this support coming in from all angles.

Two weeks ago, Big White decided help me in my quest for success. Blair Ireland and Michael J organized a fundraiser in my name to show that the entire community of Big White and Kelowna is behind me in my journey to the Games. Thanks to Mr Peter Schumann, the fundraiser started off with a bang and the ball kept rolling from there.

Over the last six months, I have teamed up with my former elementary school, South Kelowna Elementary in the “Adopt an Athlete Program”. The Adopt an Athlete Program was established to get local Olympic hopefuls connected with their former schools in the hopes of encouraging children and young adults to lead a healthy lifestyle. All the children and staff at SKE have been amazing in supporting me throughout my journey this season. My favorite so far was when I had a skype date with the “Kelsey’s Kids” at SKE where we talked about their fundraising plans and how excited they all were that they know an olympian.

Thank you to all those people that have made my journey to the games success. It truly has been a group effort and I could not have done it without all of you!!