Apply today for the 2019 KSER Scholarship Award.

Download the Application Form – Word Document | PDF.


My vision is to create a self-sustaining bursary that will support Kelowna high school graduates excelling in athletics and academics.

The KSER Scholarship Fund offers a helping hand by supporting Grade 12 student-athletes graduating in Kelowna, BC on their pursuit of excellence in athletics and academics. Through fundraising initiatives, the KSER Scholarship Fund offers fun opportunities for community members of all ages to get out and stay active while supporting these well deserving students.

Success can be measured on many levels but can only be achieved through passion, perseverance, determination and discipline. Through personal experience, I have learned that there is no singular path to greatness. Some will need to stray from the norm to fulfil their dreams, where others simply follow the straight-and narrow.

The KSER Scholarship Fund believes in supporting those who may need to forge new trails to pursue their life’s passions, achieving excellence through unconventional measures.

The KSER Scholarship Fund’s mission is to help relieve some of the financial burden associated with fully committing heart-and-soul into a career objective whether it be athletic, academic, or both!

The Scholarship fulfills this mission by raising money through fundraising. Emphasizing the importance of living a healthy, active lifestyle while encouraging personal growth and development, the KSER Scholarship Fund raises money by partnering with local events in schools and businesses throughout the Okanagan.

Today’s recipient of the KSER Scholarship Fund will be the future of tomorrow, living life to the fullest and embracing lessons learned through sport.  It is my hope that all recipients today and in the years to come will acknowledge the village that it takes to raise a child by paying it forward when they too have reached their academic and athletic goals.

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