The days before the race went great. I was nailing all the jumps (tons of fun), and getting my skis to run just enough to achieve the familiar feeling of racing a Super G course. The construction of the track couldn’t have been any better as everything seemed to flow together effortlessly. Having qualified fifth in time trials, I got second lane choice in my first heat. Dominating, I moved into my second heat ready to repeat my previous run from before. Two girls had trouble out of the start, leaving me and another way out in front. Not knowing the other girls had gone down near the start of the run, I tried to make a pass on Hedda Bernsten and ended up straddling a stubby and summersaulting to a dead stop. Not able to finish the run, I advanced to the small finals where I met up with my team mate Danie Poleschuk. More difficulties out of the start, but I’m learning that these complications are all part of the sport. In the end, teammate Danie finished 5th, and I 7th. Now, off to Flaine.