I started this season with only two goals: win X Games and win World Championship. I have managed to get one of those titles down and will be working to achieve the second starting tomorrow. In the finish some one asked me what gold tastes like. At that point I told him that it tasted like blood…now its a little sweeter

Looking out of the start gate at the beginning of the course

The infamous Rod, James, and Zenon at the start making our skis fast!

The middle section of the course featuring the gap jump and dragons back

The finish jump is slightly massive…

Crashing through the finish line to win gold

With my supportive parents in the finish line after the crash

As of today, I am still pretty sore from the crash landing I suffered this past Sunday. I have taken the last two days off from training and am hoping to be feeling a lot better for tomorrow’s qualification. I have been doing lots of physio and going to massage everyday as well as soaking in Epsom salt baths and sleeping with a heating pad. Hopefully these efforts are enough to subside the pain so I can achieve the second goal I set for the season: to win World Championships here in Deer Valley, Utah.
Happy Birthday Mom!