Overnight, the weather conditions changed drastically from snowstorms to blue bird skies with spring snow conditions. With advisories of a storm hitting the area in another couple days, a training day was removed to move the race earlier. Race day was a beauty.

I met with Julia in the quarterfinals, and we were both able to advance into semifinal round. In the semi’s we met another teammate and a Swedish girl. Unfortunately in this situation only two are able to advance to the finals and the other two head off to the small finals to fight for placing five through eight. All three Canadians were tight at the line but it ended up being me and Julia who advanced to the finals while Aleisha moved onto the small finals. Having some contact issues with the same Austrian who had taken Ashleigh out in a previous round, I got stuck in the back with not enough speed to advance into the top three. Julia finished third for her first World Cup podium. Canada also had two competitors in the finals on the men’s side. Tight to the line, Chris ended up finishing second and Davey in fourth. All in all, it was a reasonably decent day. Now, we’re off to France for World Cup Finals.

My parents are here in Meiringen cheering on all the Canadian racers and having a great time. They are taking full advantage of the famous European après ski and soaking in as much of the springtime sun as possible. My dad just got a new camera and has been practicing on moving targets (i.e ski cross racers throwing themselves off of jumps). We’re having a great time so far!