Empower The Cycle 

The mission of One Girl Can is to empower girls through education to break the cycle of poverty and gender imbalance in sub-Saharan Africa. Their holistic business model supports a girl from the time she leaves primary school, until the day she gains meaningful employment.

I want to raise $3500 to pay for one year of Mourine’s university tuition! Mourine grew up in extreme poverty in rural Kenya, but she’s focused and determined to create change in her country.

This is Mourine’s story, in her own words:

“After primary school I had to drop out because nobody could raise the money for me to go to secondary school. I then got a job as a housemaid, and with this money along with contributions from neighbours I managed go back to school. A motivational speaker came to talk at my school and helped me keep up my spirit and never be discouraged. 

I’m very driven. I participated in the national science congress and I am a member of the young farmers club. My country has been experiencing food shortages due to inadequate rainfall, but people have not realised that there are some solutions to overcome this problem. I hope to help my country have a regular supply of food, be there rain or not.”

 100% of the money raised will go directly towards paying for Mourine’s university fees and living costs. Please donate and share this campaign with your friends so we can change Mourine’s life!

A letter from Mourine:


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