Snow in the Valley

Living in Whistler all summer was fantastic, but I have learned that being in the area at this time of the year is even more rewarding. The many days of rain in October turned into snow early in the month of November.

Teased by the untouched cm’s on the mountain my boyfriend, Stan and I toured up Blackcomb to get some of the early powder. After a long four hour hike, a couple new blisters, and swollen calluses, we finally made it to the top of the mountain. The hardest part of the hike was having to suffer with every step while the chairlift was running overhead. Its unbelievable how much we take those chair lifts for granted.

Saturday November 14th Whistler Mountain opened to the public. Knowing that the line ups at the base of the gondola were going to be ridiculous (some people camped over night to be sure they would get first tracks. Others showed up at the lift lines at 5 in the morning) we decided to bypass the whole process and toured up the mountain instead. Our plan would have succeeded but the gondola started running 30 minutes before the anticipated time.

All week Mother Nature continued to bless the mountains with a fresh blanket of snow each night. Weather forecast would call for 20-30 cm’s over night just to surprise us with 50-60 cm’s. I hate to say it but there was almost too much snow by this past weekend. Let me rephrase, there can never be too much snow, there was just too much heavy snow. This proved to be difficult getting down the more mellow parts of the mountain. But where the snow was light and deep, was the most amazing skiing I have ever experienced in my life: Run after run of chest deep powder which almost drowned you with every turn down the mountain.