I am so very grateful to the HBC Athlete Bursary Program for supporting my athletic and academic endeavors over the next 5 years. The HBC Foundation is financially supporting 50 Canadian Olympic athletes, giving us the opportunity to compete at the highest level in sport. These funds can be used in areas where each athlete needs them most. This includes advances in sport science, daily training programs, new equipment, coaching and nutrition, and personal expenses.  For me, this support makes the difference between juggling a job and investing all of my time to becoming the best athlete I can be for Canada.  These funds are allowing me to be a full-time athlete and part-time student year round. Thank you HBC Foundation for believing in the power of sport.

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Elan supplies me with the fastest skis in the World.  I am very excited to recently join the Elan race team where I have the opportunity to  compete on an amazing handmade product and offer a voice in future designs and developments. Every time I step into the start gate, I am confident in knowing that my skis are the fastest on tour. For more information on Elan.

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T-Lane Transportation & Logistics is a family owned and operated company based in Mission, BC. there are additional offices in Vernon, BC, Alberta, Winnipeg, Manitoba and Ontario to address all your transportation and logistical requirements. I first met the Germain’s at an event that helps Canadian athletes like myself, become World and Olympic champions. Thank you Tim and Lauralee for all of your support and encouragement, you have truly made a huge difference in my life. For more information on T-Lane Transportation & Logistics.

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Entertainment Partners Canadais my most recent supporter for the 2014 season. I really appreciated the genuine love and support from everyone at EP Canada.  EP Canada is the leading provider of payroll services to the entertainment industry in Canada. As employer of record, they provide payroll services to the Motion Picture, TV and commercial industries, along with production management and accounting software.

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Big White Ski Resort is where I learned to ski. It is rated the best family resort in Canada, offering plenty to do both on and off the hill during the winter and now summer months. Keep your eyes posted around town for my personal posters created by Big White.

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Between training session in the gym and racing heats on the hill I keep myself fuelled with SoLo Energy Bars. They come in eight yummy flavours that help sustain my energy levels without having to suffer from a sugar crash. My favourite SoLo flavour is Lemon Lift! Get 20% off your next online purchase by using promo code KSER20.

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It’s easy to say that without the support of my parents, I wouldn’t have been able to pursue my dreams this far. They were able to fund my endeavours through their excavation business, Serwa Bulldozing. Serwa Bulldozing is a family owned and operated business serving Kelowna since 1948, and specialize in heavy equipment operations.

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The Hot Box Yoga is the best yoga studio in Kelowna and the only one using infrared lights (mega healthy powers)! It’s an amazing facility with amazing instructors that adapt to each person’s ability and comfort level. Whether you’re an experienced yogi or a first timer, The Hot Box Yoga is the place for you. Always open to new experiences, Sarah and Chris have added beach and SUP yoga (stand up paddle board) sessions on top of the classes they already offer. The Hot Box Yoga is where I go to balance, strengthen, and lengthen my mind and body. Chris and Sarah have poured their heart into making The Hot Box Yoga studio a home for their ever expanding yogi family. I absolutely LOVE this place and everyone that goes there! For more information on The Hot Box Yoga.

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For all of my compression wear I rely on Dissent Labs. They are local to Whistler and make the best compression socks, full-leg sleeves, and three-quarter-long baselayers on the market. I wear Dissent when I travel, when I race, when I workout and when I am hanging out around the house. For more information on Dissent Labs.

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Jules Fuel is a 100% organic quinoa breakfast blend full of omega 3¹s & 6¹s, antioxidants, protein, fibre, energy and flavour! There are no preservatives or sugars added. I eat my Jules Fuel accompanied by a dash of cinnamon and fresh berries!

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This beautiful site was created and assembled by Dave Meaden at Get-It Creative Design. It has been a pleasure working with Dave and I am so thriled with how well the website came together. I highly recommend using Dave as your creative design go-to guy if you are looking for a new or better site to broadcast your business.

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