Now that its official, I can announce my most recent sponsor Stöckli. I am so grateful the Swiss ski company has agreed to support my efforts heading towards the next winter Olympics in Sochi 2014. I can’t wait for our next race this December to let these babies run. Read on for information about Stöckli

Foundation of the Stöckli AG Ski Factory
In the middle of the 1930s, Josef Stöckli was producing wooden skis for his own use and also for his colleagues. As the demand became even greater, he decided to open the Stöckli AG ski works in 1936. At this time, in Switzerland alone, about 30 ski producing factories had been founded. A few other larger ski factories such as Schwendener, Attenhofer and Authier flourished.

In 1986, with the building of the new factory in Malters, it was possible to increase sales up to the present level of 50,000 pairs. Through the expansion of the production plant in 2002, the whole development department was centralized to counteract the short-lived nature of product life cycles and to increase the level of innovation.

Ski Racing
At first, Stöckli’s involvement was limited mainly to the regional ski racing scene. It was mainly athletes from Central Switzerland that put their trust in Stöckli skis. Through regional successes, in 1984 after many attempts, Stöckli was finally added to the Swiss Ski Pool. The result of this was that the vice world champion Urs Kälin, the first Swiss world champion, changed sponsor to Stöckli and took several podium positions in his first season alone. Stöckli customers can also benefit from the innovative equipment used in the world championships: the exact skis (special laser models) as used by elite athletes are to be found on the shelves in Stöckli outlets.

“Moving differently”
The slogan of the company is “moving differently”. Moving, on the one hand, because we offer products in our range, to encourage people move, or in other words, practise their sport. On the other hand, we don’t just offer our customers professional advice but invite them to share our experiences and enjoyment of sport and encourage enthusiasm in their own activities.