Its no secret, having injuries and going through rehab sucks. During my many years of competition and through countless injuries, I have learned to recognize the silver linings that are hidden beneath the surface of a set back.

I have learned to be grateful for what most take for granted. I have learned the importance of rebuilding a strong foundation, both mentally and physically in order to excel to full potential once again. I have learned that its possible to get through struggles on your own but it’s a lot easier to welcome the support of your friends, family and team members to get through adversity.

I have the privilege of having Alpine Canada and Own The Podium fully support my return to racing through the last 7 months of rehab, and continue to do so. Without that support, the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics this year would seem like a total shot in the dark. For their support and the support of so many others, I am grateful. When an athlete stands on the top of the podium at the Olympics,

they aren’t standing there alone. The result is a reflection of the many individuals acting behind the scenes contributing everything they can, all so one athlete will have the best advantage and be fully prepared come competition day during the biggest sporting event known to man – The Olympics.  To be the best, you must give your everything.

I have given my everything over the past seven months of rehab, had a blast while doing it and will continue to do so, especially over these next 100 days leading up to the Games. During an Olympic year, everyone works harder. The secret to success is finding a way to work smarter and harder than everyone else. With the aid of my coaches, physical trainer, physio and massage therapists, sport psych, sponsors, and family, I am well prepared and have set up a solid plan of attack. The details of which are mine to keep.

I am looking forwards to see what the 2014 winter season has in store. I am confident in saying that I am willing to put everything on the line on race day and will do everything in my power to make Canada proud!

A special thank to Canadian Pacific, T-Lane Transportation & Logistics, EP Canada & Zico Coconut Water for your continued support through gold medals and injuries!