We are on the Coquihalla driving from Kelowna to Vancouver for my surgery tomorrow. I’ve been streaming the X Games race as much as possible as we move in and out of service. These IPad’s are the coolest machines on Earth, thanks Stan! Now I know how my parents feel when they are watching me race…watching my teammates race has me at the edge of my seat. I think it’s the fact that I have no control over what’s going on; not being in the drivers seat but in the passengers seat instead…or in this case, the back seat!

We just finished watching the women’s final heat. My teammate Marielle was leading and then out of no where she got stuck in the back seat and skidded out of the course. It was nuts, she made a pass into first near the bottom third of the track and we all screamed, “Oh ya, Mar’s going to win X Games!!!”
Sorry Mar, we must have jinxed you.

Unfortunately, Stan got knocked out in the first round of racing. He was trying to make a move on the inside and got pinched out at the gate. I’m inspired by his always positive attitude and efforts to give all that he can every time he steps out on the course.

The men’s final is coming up next. Crap, we just lost cell service and wont be able to tether an internet signal. Im sending the best of luck to all our boys!