As the Olympics are coming to an end, it is now time to reflect on the experience. With Canada leading in the gold medal count, I would assume it is fair to say that Canada has most definitely OWNED THE PODIUM.

The Olympics is the biggest competition for all sports across the world and I am proud to say that I was one of the few participants. Vancouver buzzed with Olympic fever everywhere you went, with the people on the streets showing off their nations colors.

Ashleigh McIvor proved to the world that Canadian Ski Cross is golden and is on the path of growth and success. I would have loved to say that I was able to stand beside my teammate Ashleigh on the podium at the Olympics, but I missed that opportunity by a couple inches.

During in semi’s, I though I had it in the bag. I was dominating the technical starts all morning and was able to do it again when the pressure was on. I took the lead early in the semi’s until the last banked turn on the track. To help the progression of ski cross, I agreed to wear a helmet camera to show viewers what the course looks like from the racer’s point of view. This back fired on me when the camera fell off my helmet and continued to slap on my back and shoulders the rest of the way down the course. I was distracted for a split second at a feature that could make or break the race. As a result I went from first to third and had to settle for the small finals instead of the big finals. I was frustrated that it was not possible for me to win a medal for Canada, so I did the best thing I could and won the small final heat by a long shot to finish 5th.

In my experience, the Olympics is about the spectators. It is the spectators that give the games its energy and fire. I have never been so motivated in a race than I was here. I have never felt as ready and excited about a race as I was here. I have never received the amount of support at a race as I have here. The experience has been unforgettable and will stay with me for the rest of my life. Thank you to all of my friends, family, fans, supporters, and sponsors for encouraging me through my journey to and at the Olympics.


All the people that came out to watch my Olympic debut (My parents :Brad & Terri, my sister Kristi, brother Jason, my grandparents Glenda and Ray, Uncle Peter, Aunty Sue, The Manton and Wilson family, Jordan, Sarah, Carol and Eric Rey, my aunt Mary and uncle Bobby, and anyone else I might have missed

Randy, Joel and the entire team at Pinnacle Sports Physiotherapy in Kelowna

Dick, Doreen, and all of our mountain friends

All of the students and staff at South Kelowna Elementary (Kelsey’s Kids: Meara, Kiera, Jordell, Adam, Simon, Liam, Jacob, Alexander, Amy, Natalie, Sadie, Spencer)

Blair Ireland and the entire Big White Ski Resort Community

Big White Fire Department

All those people who have sent me letters, emails, and messages over the last two weeks wishing me luck and congratulating me on my efforts.

Manse and Anna Binkley at Harmony Honda and Harmony Acura in Kelowna

Robbi, Rick, and the staff at Urban Barn on Granville St, Vancouver

The rest of my sponsors: Herbon, Smith, Gabel, Atomic

And last but definitely not least OWN THE PODIUM and CANADA SKI CROSS.