I just wanted to thank everyone who has been supporting my recovery over the past few weeks. You guys are all amazing and I really appreciate all the cards, messages, and well wishes!

I stared working out this week for the first time since my surgery at the end of January. The last few weeks have been tough…a lot tougher than I had originally anticipated. I think knee reconstructions get desensitized in the ski world since so many have had it done before.

My progress has been fast and slow at the same time. The rate of improvement increases greatly from day to day, but I am still extremely weak compared to where I used to be…as expected!

The third week of rehab marks the first time I am able to get full rotation in the bicycle. An easy task for most but if you’ve had knee surgery, you understand that this is a big step! My gym workouts are basically body weight movements at high repetitions. These workouts are humbling to say the least. Even my upper body as gotten weaker over the few weeks of being bedridden.

The bonus of working out is getting that sore and tired muscle feeling again. Despite the stiffness associated with training, it feels so good because I am now in the rebuilding phase.

Some days are harder than others to muster the courage to face the day. I feel I’m doing well until someone asks how things are going. It’s then that the reality sets in. My goal at the moment is to have 120º flexion by the end of the week…right now I’m struggling to push 100º. More things to work on and lots to keep me busy!