New Mattress for a new knee

I am so grateful to have the opportunity to use the new T3 Ironman Recovery Mattress generously supplied by Geoff at Sleepy’s Mattress and Furniture shop in Kelowna. I can honestly say that it is the best mattress I have ever slept on. If you’re in the market for a new mattress, I strongly advise checking out the T3 Ironman Recovery Mattress. Here’s my testimonial!

My first impression of the T3 Ironman mattress was phenomenal. I experienced total comfort the very fist moment I laid down. This is only touching the surface of what this amazing mattress has to offer. I am told that as the mattress breaks in, it will become more comfortable as it customizes to your body. For that reason alone, I can’t wait to go to bed, as each night will be more dreamy than the one previous.

I wake up each morning from a good nights sleep feeling very rested. Despite feeling awake and alert, I don’t want to get out of bed. The T3 Ironman mattress is so comfortable it feels like I am sleeping in a bundle of clouds. The bed supports areas like my head, torso, upper legs and feet while softening areas under my shoulder, hips and knees to keep my spine in a straight and neutral position, no matter if I happen to be sleeping on my back, side, stomach, or a contorted variation of all three.

Over the past 10 years I have had tons of experience sleeping on various types of mattresses all over the world. I can easily say that the T3 Ironman mattress has been the most comfortable to date.

Over one year ago I won the XGames, literally tumbling my way across the finish line to take home the gold medal. The horrific crash left my back in shambles. I had strained and sprained nearly my entire thoracic spine, and also bruised and twisted my tailbone. These are just some of the injuries from that crash that I am still dealing with today. Even a year later I am still facing the reproductions. My ribs tend to shift out of place, some muscles go lax while others overcompensate and pull at my rib cage from all different angles. The T3 Ironman mattress has taken away my pain and has prevented supplementary stiffness that I would usually get from sleeping on a foam “European Special” mattress. I wake up every morning feeling like a new person. It’s nice to start each day on a clean slate rather than transferring fatigue, stiffness and pain over from the previous day.

At this current moment, I am rehabbing from surgery. Three weeks ago I had my ACL reconstructed using my own hamstring tendon. The T3 Ironman mattress has been the only mattress, since surgery, where it has been comfortable to sleep with my leg completely straight. This is key so I can work on straightening my knee during the night and improve on flexion of the joint during the day. The sooner I can get my knee fully mobilized, the sooner I will be able to get back in the gym to start the rebuilding process.

I got to thinking, I will be starting to take university courses again this spring. There’s no reason why this mattress isn’t only for an athlete but a scholar as well. If the mind is well rested over a great nights sleep on the T3 Ironman mattress than that will allow the brain to work to its full potential during the day. In a sense, this will allowing a person to tackle the equivalent of an Ironman competition in the classroom.

I am so grateful to have this opportunity to test out the T3 Ironman mattress first hand. It is helping me recover from all of my injuries, both past and current. I strongly recommend this mattress to all persons who want to wake up feeling well rested, rejuvenated, fresh, and eager to take on the challenges of your day. The T3 Ironman mattress is not just for Ironman or Olympic athletes like myself, but for absolutely everyone. Purchasing a great mattress is one of the greatest investments you can make to your health, and believe me, it is well worth every penny. So let your body know how much you appreciate it, and treat yourself to the T3 Ironman tonight!

- Have you noticed your dreams are more lucid or vivid?
I have notice my dreams to be much more more vivid actually. It’s uncommon for me to wake up in the morning remembering what my dreams were about, but since I have been sleeping on the T3 Ironman mattress I seem to be recalling them much easier. I’m not sure what this means but I am waking up feeling well rested and ready to tackle the day, so if anything, it has been providing me with entertainment while I sleep.

- Are you feeling more rested?
Yes, I am feeling much more rested when I wake up. I notice too that I have been sleeping soundly through the night, and fall asleep almost instantaneously.

- How does the bed feel? Is it getting more comfortable as you sleep on it?
The bed has been amazingly comfortable from day one. I’m fascinated that it’s comfort will improve overtime, it’s almost unimaginable that it can get even better than it already is!

- How many nights since you rec’d it have you slept on it?
Honestly, I have no idea how many nights I have slept in it. I would guess maybe 7or 8 days since I acquired the mattress (main reason why I haven’t slept in it every night since its arrival is I have been going to the coast a few times since surgery for meetings with the surgeon, trainers, and physiotherapist). All the travel in the past 3 weeks has given me an opportunity to compare and contrast the qualities of the T3 Ironman mattress and other mattresses…WOW what a difference

- You obviously have been sleeping in more than two beds since we ordered it for you….what are your thoughts about the change/performance of each bed….does the T3 still offer a difference. Have you noticed any changes to your body when sleeping on the T3 vs. other beds?
Comparing the T3 Ironman mattress and other mattresses I have slept on is like comparing night and day. Since the surgery, it has been uncomfortable for me to sleep on my back, side or stomach on the other mattresses. My knee throbs, my back aches, and my sleep is restless. As soon as I’m back on the T3 Ironman mattress, I am comfortable in all three positions. In whichever position I happen to be sleeping, my back is supported, there are no pressure points, and I sleep soundly. When I wake up in the mornings, I find there is less heat and swelling in my knee. Although my knee is the main issue at the moment, I find that sleeping on the T3 ironman mattress makes the biggest difference with my back. It’s nice to wake up with a fresh start, and not having to carry over any tightness, stress, or pain from the day before.

- Has the T3 improved your sleep quality?
Absolutely! I am sleeping through the night, largely because the pain in my knee and back is reduced.

- Do you notice a reduction of pain?
Yes, I have less throbbing in my knee throughout the night, and there is less swelling when I wake up. My back is also feeling better after a good nights sleep on the T3.

- Are you being supported properly?
I feel like my body is completely supported in all the right areas, which is taking stress and pressure off of my spine. This in turn is actually helping make my back feel better.