Changing continents seems to have also changed seasons. Unlike the winter wonderland, which we experienced in Norway and Sweden, Japan seems to be well into spring. Snow is scarce on the mountains, presenting some interesting snow conditions on the course…or lack there of.

Better than the usual European course, this track has some big features and lots of opportunities to lay down passes come race day. Winning the qualification run by over half a second, I had the advantage of lane choice the entire day. Two wu-tang’s out of the start were the perfect combination to put enough distance between racers before the track sped up. Leading for 90% of my semi final heat, I overshot a landing which proved to be just enough for the two girls following closely behind to catch up and pass me right at the finish line. Once again, I went into the small finals and won the heat against the current World Cup leader Ophelie David.

Now, its off to Naples, Italy for a few days of rest with my Mom before tackling the remaining races in Switzerland and the World Cup finals in France.